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Company -- RF Commerce and iCommerce

    The company has evolved from a military and aviation supplier of IFF (RFID) programs in the 70's to a prioneer in the PC and network revolution in the 1980's, secured distributed computing and RFID enabled eCommerce the 1990's, RFID and Homeland Security in recent years.

    In RFID, RF Commerce provided innovation engineering in active tag engineering, semi-passive tags and passive tag technologies. RF Commerce engineers supported the emerging technology leaders in the USA and Europe. Unlike traditional Professional and Engineering Services organizations, RF Commerce produces intellectual property in a fully integrated environment. Each business application is devloped as a scalable architecture capable of extending the prevailing platform, as well as integrating evolving technologies in security, brand protection and data management.

    Our core competency is Radiofrequency Identification and Rapid Application Development (RAD). To meet the financial requirements of our customers, we offer a combination of services including:

  • All on-site services
  • Combination of onsite and offsite
  • Our exclusive insouring programming
  • Offsite
  • Offshore

         Our engineering participation produced the first combination low frequency and UHF antenna installed at Target Stores in 2004. In addition, we engineered a streamlined Distribution Center integrated RFID solution antenna/reader solution, and we developed one of the first EPC data management and RFID device management application introduced in 1st quarter 2004.

         Cost is a significant portion of our calculation. Our Account Executives are working engineers and developers able to participate in the development and production process. Project Managers are working managers. Your investment in project management is an investment in engineering and development.


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